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  • Q1. Why should I visit aimexam.com?

    Aimexam is a comprehensive education service, which uses the visual and interactive nature of the
    Internet medium to simplify textbook concepts for students.
    Our pictorial and graphical depiction of concepts, helps students to relate to real life situations easily,
    and grasp fundamentals, faster.
    Aimexam study modules supplement school education for Classes 6-12 students.
    Whats more, aimexam also has an exhaustive database of smart resources
    students excel in education.

  • Q2. What are the features offered by Aimexam.com?

    Aimexam.com provides a host of interactive study resources to supplement school education
    and help students understand difficult concepts and Score More marks.
    Our all-time favourite features are:

    a. Video Lessons

    Our 30-minute videos extensively use 2D & 3D Animations, Laboratory Demos and Illustrations from Real-life examples, to simplify textbook concepts. The Visual Impact created by these, helps students to understand better and retain more!

    b. Online Tests

    Students can check their conceptual clarity by taking interactive MCQ tests on every topic.  
    The Topper Assessment reports, accurately identifies weak areas and suggests remedial measures.

    c. Home Work Help

    These exclusive features ensure that students complete their homework super quick!

         •    Study Material: Save time and effort by using these crisp reference notes prepared by
              Topper subject experts.
         •    Ask The Expert: Post all your queries online on this helpdesk, and get answers by
               from Topper's experts!
         •    Question Bank: Short answer questions- No problem! Get detailed answers to an exhaustive
               database of questions on every topic!
         •    CCE Resources: Find all CCE compliant resources under one roof with Sample papers, Worksheets,
               HOTS questions, Surveys and more!

    d. Exam Resources

    Crack exams and score more marks with:
         •    Exam Special Videos
         •    Sure Shot Sample Papers
         •    Chapter Busters, and
         •    Solved Board Papers.

    e. Study Plan

    Plan ahead is the success mantra of the day! Now Students can easily customize their
    Study Plan on Topper and learn at their own pace!

  • Q3. What boards does Aiemexam cater to?

    Topper Course material is designed as per the NCERT framework, which is the benchmark for most state education boards in India. Thus it covers the CBSE syllabus completely and also caters to other major state boards. According to our estimates, Topper has an overall fit of 70% to 100% with all major state boards syllabus.

  • Q4. What subjects are covered by Topper?

    We offer Mathematics and Science for Classes 9 & 10 and Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for Classes 11 & 12, respectively. We plan to add new subjects in the future, and extend our content to other classes.

  • Q5. Are Aimexam.com products/services better than professional coaching classes or home tuitions?

    Our pedagogical research indicates that exposure to multiple media sources  enhances the understanding in students, thereby making the learning process more effective. However, Topper does not claim to be better than any teacher or professional tuition coaching centre.

  • Q6. We are two (or more) siblings or friends, trying to register through one e-mail ID? Why are we not able to register?

    Topper uses your username and e-mail ID as a unique field in its database, which cannot be used by any other user or subscriber. You must use separate e-mail IDs and register, separately.

  • Q7. How can I pay for the Paid Services Registration?

    There are three ways to purchase your TopperLearning.com subscription:  
    1. Pay by secure credit or debit payment option on aimexam.com. 

    2. You may also pay by cash-on-delivery by choosing the COD option on the payment page.  

    3. Send your DD in favour of: "Trust Innova" at the following address:


    Accounts Department,
    Telangana 500049

  • Q8. I am unable to login using my password. Can I change my password?

    Yes, click on the Forgot my username/ password option under login tab, and receive your username/ password on the e-mail ID provided by you at the time of registration.

  • Q9. How many Online Tests can I take? Do they cover all chapters?

    As a non-registered user, you can take one free sample test. If you are registered with aimexam, you can get a maximum of 75 mock tests along with previous papers and one monthly grand test. All topics have tests, and the questions are randomly generated from our exhaustive database.

  • Q10. What happens after I take an Online Test?

    We have introduced a personalized Topper Assessment feature which provides a Comprehensive Analysis of your performance for each test. Also, Topper Remedial Report will suggest smart corrective measures to improve your overall understanding of the topic.
    Topper Assessment also keeps track of the scores of all the tests over a period of time and benchmarks your performance against peers who have taken the same tests.

  • Q11. Is it okay to share my subscription login details with my friends?

    Your subscription gives you access to Topper paid features. So, it is wrong to share passwords with your friends because then they will be using something that they have not bought. As per our 'Terms and Conditions', we reserve the right to suspend a subscriber's account in case of shared passwords. Also, please note that at any given point in time, only one user will be allowed to access the site from his or her account.